Wondering where we are? Here’s a rough outline of our itinerary. You can also see it as a map!

Look out for country-specific blog posts for more details.

Destination Dates
Hawaii July 20th – August 3rd
Australia August 3rd – August 29th
New Zealand August 29th – September 11th
French Polynesia (time travel?!) September 10th – September 22nd
Fiji September 22nd – September 30th
India September 30th – October 11th
Nepal October 11th – October 16th
Thailand (Bangkok/Chiang Mai) October 16th – October 28th
Cambodia October 28th – November 3rd
Thailand (Phuket) November 3rd – November 14th
Vietnam November 14th – November 28th
Philippines November 28th – December 18th
Luxembourg (“Holiday Break”) December 18th – January 4th
Greece January 4th – January 14th
Indonesia (Bali) January 14th – January 28th
Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) January 28th – January 29th
Maldives January 29th – February 4th
Kenya February 4th – February 27th
Tanzania/Zanzibar February 27th – March 15th
Namibia/Botswana March 15th – April 4th
Luxembourg April 5th – April 12th
United States April 12th – May 6th
Peru May 6th – May 19th
Argentina May 19th – June 9th
Costa Rica June 9th – June 29th

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