Dirty Banana Goes Global in Numbers

Now that we’re all caught up with our trip journal, here are a few statistics from the adventure! Throughout the trip we’ve been keeping track of a few basic statistics, and I’ve compiled everything, so here is the dirtybanana world tour in numbers:

344 days on the “road”

Start date: July 20, 2017
End date: June 29, 2018

174’600 km traveled (109,000 miles)

This includes all air/road/rail travel from place to place, but excludes distances we walked.Fun fact: in a straight line this would be enough to go around over 4 times! A good chunk of this distance is due to our Christmas detour to Europe from Asia and back. That added a lot of distance, but even without that detour, we’d still have enough distance to go around the world 3 times.

75 separate flights all over 6 continents

Leaving from Charlotte, NC in the US to Hawaii and the Australia, Oceania, Asia, Europe, Africa, and South America, we spent a total of 9 days and 7 hours inside of airplanes. Some more comfortable than others.

25 countries explored

We visited a total of 25 different countries, 23 of them new to both of us.

59 beaches visited

From mediocre to crowded to amazing. There are a lot of fantastic beaches in the world, but we both agree that French Polynesia hands down has the most amazing ones. (I only counted beaches with a proper name and that we actually spend some time on.)

… and 2.4 million steps walked

My steps only. Tracked using my Garmin Vivoactive HR.


Note: I rounded some of the numbers to make them easier to read.

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